Tuesday, November 13, 2012


My name is Rebecca, and I'm the author and designer of My Adventures in History. I'm a 30 something from Boise, Idaho pursuing a career in history, writing, and traveling after getting a Bachelors in History from Boise State University. I enjoy blogging about history and what I am personally learning every day.

RebeccaThe idea of My Adventures in History came to me one night after watching an enjoyable series called Battle 360 on the History Channel. After wanting to share my thoughts on the show, I had the idea to start this blog. Although I have no professional credentials, I am an avid history buff and have been interested in history for over 10 years, starting with learning about the American Civil War as a student in junior high. My interest resides mostly in U.S. History, but I'm fascinated by other areas as well, mainly more modern history.

The goal of this blog is to share my passion for history as I discuss places I've been with historical significance, my favorite movies in history, television shows of interest and events I'm learning more about. My desire is that this blog is not just about historical dates and facts but about exploring the deeper effects of history, how it effects me personally and our world today. I believe that what happened in the past is an integral part of what is happening now.

This blog is a continuation of a blog I started in May 2008 and then had to quit again in June of 2011 due to getting my degree from Boise State. You can find my old blog archived here.

Enjoy reading my posts and stop by again soon!