Wednesday, April 10, 2013

World War II Guns and Stuff

Not too long ago, I was invited to be part of a World War II weapons demonstration at the Idaho Military History Museum. This museum houses a great collection of artifacts from all the wars that the U.S. has participated in and highlights Idaho's contribution to those conflicts. For this particular evening, a class on U.S. military was getting a World War II weapons demonstration, and I got to tag along.

The first part of the evening was a talk about the weapons of World War II from three reenactors. The reenactors dressed up in period uniforms and discussed how weapons progressed between World War I and World War II. They included both German weapons, like the MG-42 and Luger, and Allied weapons like the M1 Garand, the M1 Carbine, the Thompson Sub-machine gun, and the B.A.R. The reenactors went through each weapon discussing what it was used for, what kind of ammunition it took, and it was fired.

The next part of the evening was getting a live demonstration of the weapons where the guns were taken outside and the reenactors fired off blank rounds.
Firing the M1 Garand

Loading the M1 Carbine
Loading the B.A.R.
Firing the German Maschinepistole
Overall, the evening was thoroughly enjoyable! It was great to see these vintage weapons in action and even get up close and personal with them!


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